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The Pooch Parlor

The Pooch Parlor


The Pooch Parlor is situated on 8 rolling acres in Greenville, OH.



The property has a well maintained pond for summer fun and large fenced in fields for your dog to have room to run and socialize while under supervision.



At the Pooch Parlor you can have your pet boarded in our spacious, clean runs, or take advantage of our doggie daycare services.



We are a family owned business whose goal is for your pet to have a safe and happy stay while you are away.

Conway's Pooch Parlor
Conway's Pooch Parlor
Conway's Pooch Parlor
Conway's Pooch Parlor


Boarding At The Pooch Parlor

  • Your pet will go out 5-6 times a day for bathroom breaks and playtimes.

  • Your pet will reside in one of our spacious 6 X 4 ft runs (walls go up to ceiling height).

  • Our runs are large enough that your pets can be kept together if you choose. The inside of the kennels have a 4 ft high vinyl privacy panel.

  • The kennel areas are cleaned regularly and disinfected before a new tenant arrives.

  • Your pet is given meticulous care to ensure  they are happy and eating well. Not to mention lots of love and attention!

  • Each run has an automatic water bowl so every time your pet drinks the bowl will refill with fresh water.

  • We ask you to bring your dog’s food. If we provide the food a charge of $1 per day will be added to your invoice.

  • While boarding at the Pooch Parlor your pet will have numerous, supervised opportunities to play in our 5 acre play yard or other play areas.

  • Your pet is welcome to play with other dogs of similar size and temperament. If you prefer, your dog can have playtime without other dogs. (There is a small fee of $4.00 a day as we personally take your dog out alone.)

  • All dogs are fed twice daily and are given a treat before bed.

  • We regularly post facebook videos so you can see your dog at play.

  • 01-13 pounds = $17 per day

  • 14-23 pounds = $18 per day

  • 24-39 pounds = $19 per day

  • 40-69 pounds = $20 per day

  • 70-99 pounds = $22 per day

  • 100-124 pounds = $24 per day

  • 125# or more = $25 per day

  • Cats = $12 a day.

Boarding Rates

Our rates are figured according to your pet’s weight and include all the playtimes.  The cost is per calendar day and not per night.  If you pick up your pet before 9:00 A.M., you will only be charged for a half a day.


Cats are $12 a day. Cats have their own run and we provide the litter and box. 


Additional Details & Rates...

  • We do not board dogs with diabetes, heart conditions or epilepsy.

  • An additional $4 per day will be charged puppies/dogs not housebroken.

    • Each time there's an accident we use extensive measures to clean and disinfect.  While an occasional accident is understandable and does not incur any additional charge, the $4.00 fee is for repeated incidents.

  • A $1 per day charge will be added for medications.

  • $1 per day for additional food preparation.

  • We do not board in heat females. If your female is in heat upon arrival we will not be able to take her.

    • If your female goes into heat while boarding, someone will have to pick up your pet.

    • You will be charged an additional fee of $25 per day (after a grace day) until picked up.

    • The reason for this is that her run and the common areas will need to be repeatedly cleaned and she would also have to be separated from the other dogs.

Download Our Service Contract
(for information only)

  • Parvo/Distemper

  • Rabies

  • Bordetella

Vaccinations Required

  • Puppies must have completed their series of puppy shots.

  • If it is your dog’s first time getting the Bordetella vaccine, you must wait 14 days until they can be boarded.

    • Otherwise, it is 24 hours after their re-vaccination.

  • All Vaccines must be up-to-date and not expire during your stay. 

Conway's Pooch Parlor
Conway's Pooch Parlor
Boarding Rates
Required Vaccinations
Conway's Pooch Parlor
Boarding Pick Up & Drop Off


You must call to schedule your pet before dropping off

(Boarding By Appointment Only)

Conway's Pooch Parlor

Monday through Friday:

7:00 A.M. to 8:45 A.M.

3:30 to 5:00 P.M.



8:00 A.M. to 9 A.M.

3:00 P.M. to 4 P.M.



1:30 P.M. to 2 P.M.


  • When bringing your dog for boarding you always pay for the day no matter what time your pet arrives.

    • All dogs picked up before 9 A.M. will be charged ½ day.

    • After 9 A.M. you will be charged for a full day.

  • The reason for the restrictive drop off/pickup times is that we are busy feeding and bringing your dogs out for playtime and we don’t want to keep you waiting while we are out in the field.

    • If these times are not  accommodating to your schedule, please see if we can make other arrangements for you.

  • We do not have drop off or pick up on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • For other holidays, drop off/pickup times are subject to change.  


  • Please bring a standard neck collar and leash.

    • Please do not harness your pet when dropping off (we prefer a standard collar).

  • Your dog’s food, but know that we provide our own bowls.

    • If you need to use our food, there is a $1.00 day charge.

  • Your pet’s bed or blanket if you so choose.

  • A special toy [Please no toys (balls)/chew bones that could potentially break/splinter]

  • Medicine if necessary. We charge $1 a day for dispensing medication.

Pet Day Care

Why might you consider Doggie Day Care for your pet?

  • You are going away for the day

  • You are getting work done in your house

  • You work long hours and your pet gets lonely

  • You have company coming for the day

  • To help socialize your pet

  • To know your pet is going out for play times and getting lots of energy out!

Conway's Pooch Parlor
How It Works...
  • On your first visit your dog will be evaluated to see if he/she fits into our daycare program.

  • All dogs must be house trained and sociable to be a “regular” for the day care program.

  • Your pet will not only reside in one of our spacious runs, but they will have supervised play times in one of our large dog play areas.

  • Daycare is $15 per day. Two or more days in a week is $10 daily.

Conway's Pooch Parlor
Day Care Drop-Off & Pick Up

Monday thru Friday

Drop Off: 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.

Pick Up: 3:30 to 5:00 P.M.

*Availability of daycare is subject to change based on holidays and boarding capacity.  (See if we are able to accommodate for pick-up and drop-off times if necessary)

Day Care Hours
  • The Pooch Parlor on Facebook
  • Can I bring my dog in for boarding or daycare if they are not housebroken?
    No, as it is extremely time consuming to re-clean and manage the other dogs that are already transitioning to play/bathroom time. While we understand and will give some grace to a dog that has a couple of accidents as they adjust to a new setting, frequent accidents will incur an an additional charge of $4 a day. This is due to the extra clean up and sanitation time. While your dog may be housebroken that does not always translate into being "kennelbroken". You will only be contacted about your dogs accidents if it seems medically concerning (i.e. frequent diarrhea). For daycare, we are willing to overlook an occasional accident, but it should not be a frequent issue.
  • What if my pet’s vaccines expire right before their stay, can they still come?"
  • Can I board my two dogs together in the same run?
    Yes, as long as there is not a risk of one eating the other’s food. Side note: We do not offer a discount for shared runs as it has its own difficulties in managing two dogs in one run and the charge is for the personal care for each dog.
  • What happens if I can’t drop-off or pick up my pet at the appointed time?
    Not a problem! Just call us ahead of time (preferablly the day before, but a couple of hours is manageable) and make us aware of it and you can drop-off/pick them up during the normal times that day or even extend the stay if necessary.
  • Will you take aggressive dogs?  How do you determine whether a dog is aggressive or not?
    Not if they are aggressive toward people. However, we can take a limited number of dogs that are aggressive toward other dogs, but they will be separated during play times and breaks. There is an additional $4 charge per day (per family) for their care. The reason for the additional charge is we personally take your dog out for playtime separately numerous times a day (doubling our workday) and still try to take video so you can see your pet at our facebook page. It is our ultimate goal to provide a socially inclusive environment for all the dogs that enter our facility. This is not always possible though as dogs, like people, do not always get along. While we know that a growl or a bark is a perfectly acceptable means for a dog to communicate his discomfort, there are times when the messaging can be excessive. Determining a dog's level of inappropriate aggression/behavior can be quite obvious, but at other times it is a bit subjective. Examples of this include (but are not limited to) the following: needing to be pulled off of another dog, excessive snapping at other dogs without provocation, a insatiable proclivity toward mounting, are among the most concerning. While at home, your pet may seem quite comfortable around people and other animals as they are in a familiar setting. At times, they do not always transition well into an unfamiliar environment surrounded by dogs with a variety of personalities. Ultimately, we feel it is our responsiblity to ensure the well being of all the dogs during their stay here and reserve the right to make that judgement call.
  • Are there any breeds of dogs that you will not take?
    There are some dog breeds that we have found to typically not be able to integrate well into our open social setting. While there are exceptions, the following breeds have had the most difficulity: German shepards/mixes, pitbulls/mixes, and some terrier groups have frequently demonstrated an inability to assimilate into our system. Please keep in mind that it is not just limited to these breeds, but these are the more common that we have had dealings with. We are willing to perform an evaluation of your pet if you believe they will do well well with our setting. That way we can determine their temperment and whether they are a good fit for our facility.
Conway's Pooch Parlor
Our Family

While we are not native Ohioans, we claim Ohio as our home as we have lived here for the past twenty-five years.  Our seven children though have all been born and raised here.  Jim has been a teacher and coach for about twenty years while Dawn has navigated the challenges of being a stay at home mom and a small business entrepreneur. With five children still at home, we are enjoying the benefits of having a family run business and love having them be a part of it. Not to mention the dogs love it too! Our family and faith are very important to us and we hope that is evident in how we care for your pets and treat our customers.

Gary and Jeannie Grosch purchased the eight acre property in 2002 and slowly developed the Pooch Parlor into the successful business that it is today. With almost twenty years of experience they had perfected their process down to a science which we continue to follow.

Our History

The Conway Family
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