Pooch Parlor’s Pet Boarding and Day Care

Click here for our facebook pageDo you worry about your pet while you are on vacation?
Do you have an illness or family emergency that disrupts the normal care of your pet?
What are your choices?

You could take your pet with you while on vacation and risk travel-induced illness. You may be limited on what hotels you can stay as well as activities. Your pet could escape! Remember leaving your pet in a vehicle can be deadly to your pet even with the windows cracked for air.

Your neighbor or friend could watch your pet but they are untrained and my not care for your pet in a professional manner. You pet may escape or even can become seriously ill because of lack of reliable, frequent, and knowledgeable supervision.

Are you getting your carpets cleaned or work done in your home? You could put your pet in a crate or another room. Or you could bring your pet to Jeannie’s Pooch Parlor and let your pet play all day.

At Jeannie’s Pooch Parlor your pet will have the professional care it deserves.

Learn more about our Boarding and Day Care, what we offer, and decide what the best solution for you and your pet. We’re ready to take care of your “family member with four paws”. Remember Picky Pets prefer Pooch Parlor!