Nail & Ear Care for Pets

Click here for our facebook pageAt Jeannie’s Pooch Parlor we realize the importance of nail and ear care for pets. We will trim your dog’s nails or clean the ears for $5.00. No appointment is necessary but please call before you arrive. We require your pet be up to date on all vaccinations. Veterinarian proof of vaccinations are required.

Did you know your dog’s nails should be trimmed monthly? Long nails can cause your dog discomfort while walking or standing as well as joint and muscle aches and pains. If you can hear the dog’s nails click on any hard surface they are too long. As the nail grows so does the vein that supplies blood to the nail. When the nail is trimmed that vein will recede and over time the nails will be able to be clipped very short.

Does your pet tend to have constant ear problems or does your pet shake his/her head a lot? If so this could be a sign of an ear infection. Of course all ear infections should be looked at by your veterinarian. However keeping the ear canal clean and free of hair can reduce the amount of moisture in the ear and help prevent ear infections.

Please call Jeannie’s Pooch Parlor at 937-548-6287.