Communicating With Your Groomer

Click here for our facebook pageHave you ever had a haircut and come away unhappy with the results because your stylist didn’t understand what you wanted? Consider how much more difficult it can be for your pet’s stylist to give “Fido” that perfect look. “Fido” cannot offer feedback during the grooming process to let the stylist know if the length and style is what his owners had in mind.

Owners have different needs and expectations about their dog’s grooming. We also have different perceptions of what certain styling words mean. Those differences in understanding can lead to unhappy results. Good communication is the key to having a successful relationship with your pet’s stylist. Ensuring that your pet is groomed just the way you want it done requires a little time and preparation. Below is a list of recommendations for working with your groomer.

Take time to talk with your Groomer. Unless your pet is a regular and frequent client don’t expect the groomer to know what you want. On your pet’s first visit with a groomer, allow extra time to discuss your pet’s needs and your preferences.

Be specific about your expectations. If you want your pet’s hair cut to a certain length, say so. It is not enough to ask for “a short cut”–to some people that means two inches of hair, while to others a half-inch is too long.

Consider your lifestyle. That fancy show cut may look appealing, but are you prepared for the at-home grooming routine needed to maintain it? A good groomer can help you decide on an appropriate style and length.

Consider your pet. Behavior and temperament of a dog is an important factor in deciding on a style. Extravagant styles are not suitable for fidgety dogs. Let your groomer know upfront whether your pet will be cooperative or a challenge.

Be Realistic. If your pet has not be brushed/combed regularly at home and the hair is badly matted, you may have to compromise. Sometimes it is impossible to save a matted coat. Your groomer can advise you if the humane approach is to clip underneath the mats and wait for the hair to grow back before trying a new style.

Be Informed. Quality Dog grooming takes time. While a human stylist can complete 3-4 haircuts per hour, a dog groomer may work two or more hours on one dog. Plan for your dog to be at the groomer’s for at least 2-3 hours.

Be Honest. If you don’t like the results, let the groomer know. A good groomer will keep detailed records on the length and style and will add your comments to the file. Over time, with good communication, you and your groomer will be able to find the perfect style for your pet.

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