Jeannie’s Pooch Parlor | Professional Dog Grooming, Boarding and Day Care

Click here for our facebook pageJeannie’s Pooch Parlor, Inc., is a family owned business run by Gary and Jeannie Grosch. We are located one mile west of Greenville on State Route 502. We offer grooming, boarding and daycare. Our primary goal is to make your dog as happy as possible while at our facility. We have been in the dog business since 1992. Our grooming facility was opened in 1995 followed by our boarding/daycare in 2002.

Certified Master Groomer, Jeannie Grosch, graduated from the Dayton Academy of Dog Grooming in 1995. Prior to attending the dog-grooming academy she was employed by a private show kennel as their groomer/manager. She takes pride in her work and it shows; not only in your dog’s finalized appearance, but also in how your dog will enjoy coming to the Pooch Parlor.

Having no employees, Jeannie personally pampers each dog throughout the grooming procedure. She limits her daily bookings so she can give each dog extraordinary care. Jeannie also realizes the importance of continuing education so your dog will be provided with the most up-to-date style. While grooming your pet, Jeannie is qualified to recognize health related issues that you may overlook. She also is trained to recognize many different parasites to which your pet can be exposed. She can give helpful advice on how specialty shampoos and hot oil treatments may benefit your pet’s appearance.

Jeannie is also a member of the “Friends of the Darke Animal Shelter”.

Kennel Manager, Gary Grosch, has always loved dogs. After retiring from working at a factory for 25 years he was employed at the Darke County Animal Shelter for 2 years. Gary has a natural perception on understanding dogs. He relates well to all the dogs and the dogs tend to love Gary.

In their free time Jeannie is an avid photographer and Gary is a runner.